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4 Seasons Senior Living Residential Care Home
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Start Slow

If you have noticed changes in your loved one's mood, behavior, or appearance, begin with hiring in-home care for basic chores, such as light housekeeping or running errands. As the need for care progresses, add more in-home care to assist with meal preparation, bathing, and other hygiene needs.

Start a Conversation

Talk to your loved one about what the future might hold. Discuss their medical issues and what their options are for long-term care. Making a decision to move into a senior care home may not happen overnight, so be patient with them as they sort through their emotions.

Offer Choices

There are many senior care options. Become familiar with what senior options are available and talk with your loved ones to see what their needs and desires are. It's important to include them in the decision process. 

Make Legal Preparations

Tough decisions may need to be made as seniors age. It's important to have all legal matters planned and taken care of. Last wills, living trusts, power of attorney, and guardianship are some important legal matters seniors should take care of as soon as possible.

5 Practical Tips to Make Your Decision to Move to an Assisted Living Senior Home Easier

Choosing the right assisted living home for your loved one is not a decision to be taken lightly. Here are a few practical tips to help make the decision and the transition easier for everyone involved.

5 tips moving to assisted living
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"We have had a very positive experience with 4 Seasons Senior Living and the Gillespie house. The staff is very friendly, and the owners are very hands-on and have reached out to us several times to make sure that we are happy with the care our loved one is receiving."

Jeff E.


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