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4 Seasons Senior Living Residential Care Home
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Becoming a Memory Care Resident at 4 Seasons Senior Living

1. Initial contact

How did you hear about our residential care homes?

  • Referred by facility, friend, or family member

  • Google search

  • Social media

2. Visit a residential care home

On the tour, we discuss your loved one's memory care needs, personality, medical history, and basic information. We also discuss the family's biggest concerns/worries and top priorities they keep in mind while searching for a care setting.

3. Schedule an assessment

If a family decides to move forward with us, we schedule an assessment for their loved one and request a family to be present during the appointment. The contract is signed at this time and a move in date is decided on.

4. Memory care coordinator

Between the assessment date and move-in date, the memory care coordinator will link up home health/hospice if the family requests and transportation to our residential care home from the current facility your loved one is located.

5. Move-in

Everything our care coordinator has planned begins to fall into place and we make sure the caregiver has a medication list, memory care plan, emergency contacts, etc. 72 hours following move-in day, we do a very close observation and do whatever is necessary to help the resident adjust.

6. After move-in

All 4 Seasons Senior Living caregivers are certified nurse aides (CNAs). We encourage pet visits and depending on the case/home, we may allow the pet to live in the residential are home. Methods of payment accepted are private pay, VA benefit, and long-term care insurance policies.

Be prepared to move into our residential care home by having the following paperwork:
  • Current medication list

  • Current allergy list

  • Copies of insurance

  • Copy of your Medicare card

  • Copy of Medical Power of Attorney, if applicable

  • Copy of living will, if applicable

  • Contact information for doctors, home health, hospice, etc.

  • Dietary restrictions, if any

Our bedrooms are not furnished (although we do have some furniture pieces you are welcome to borrow)
Items to bring to the residential senior care home:
  • Bed (may be provided by home health or hospice company)

  • At least 2-bed sheet sets

  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • Personal hygiene items (shampoo, toothpaste, incontinent supplies, etc.)

  • Chair/recliner

  • Dresser

  • Small bedside table

  • Personal items (pictures, trinkets, etc.)

  • Television/radio

Residential Care Home

Our residential care homes are an extension of your home, too!

Please feel free to visit whenever you like, as often as you like!

Extended friends and family are always welcome!

senior living dallas tx

Serving Families across Dallas, Texas

Carrollton | Coppell | Lewisville | Plano

“I cannot say enough good things about Four Seasons and the Peachtree team. The property at 2208 Peachtree is beautiful, spotlessly clean, and quiet. Nobody ever ignored my many calls, but patiently and thoroughly answered my questions and concerns. It was a great comfort to find a place for my mom which was not only competent but CARING."​

Catherine C.


Moving into our residential care home

In order to make a successful transition into our residential senior care home, it involves preparation, open communication, and support from the new resident's family and friends.

4 Seasons Senior Living will help make the transition of moving in as easy as possible.

We will help with care coordination, medication set up, and develop a customized care plan to best care for your loved one. Always stay in touch with our residential family care home manager before, during, and after the move. Depending on the type of senior living option/assisted living place your loved one is moving from, you may have to make the difficult decision of what items are going and what must be left behind. Make sure keepsakes, within reason, go with them. Determine what they really love because that is what carries memories and will make them smile. Be sure to take special framed artwork and photos as well as photo albums.


We want you to make yourself feel at home as much as possible.

Before the resident moves in, our Admission Coordinator will conduct an assessment on your loved one to ensure that he or she will be a nice fit. Once this is done, you will need to make an appointment to come to our office. At your appointment, we will complete all the required paperwork.​

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