Answering Your Questions

1. How is 4 Seasons Senior Living different from traditional nursing homes?

The main difference between a residential care home assisted living, and nursing homes is the level of care a resident receives and the freedom the resident is allowed. The hurdle is to find the level of care that meets your loved one's needs and will continue to do so for quite some time.

2. Does 4 Seasons Senior Living have various levels of care?

We are able to provide care to adults as long as they are medically stable. We can care for seniors that are ambulatory and able to communicate all the way to being non-verbal and bed-bound.

We do provide different levels of care for each resident, but we refrain from labeling each senior as a particular care level. 

3. How do you personalize care for each individual?

At 4 Seasons Senior Living, we really do believe in personalized and quality senior care. Each resident goes through an extensive screening and transition process when they move in. That process involves a lot of preparation, open communication, and support from the resident's family, friends, and medical providers. Our staff RN uses this information to set up a fully customized senior care plan for each resident. This ensures we are meeting each resident's needs and wants.

4. Is 4 Seasons Senior Living able to care for my loved one as they age?

Yes. We are considered Aging in Place and are able to care for your loved one as their needs progress. We are able to provide end of life care as well.

5. Does 4 Seasons Senior Living accept seniors with aggresive behavior problems?

No, we do not accept adults that are highly aggressive due to safety reasons. We do not want out other residents to feel anxious around aggressive individuals. 

We do accept seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia and other various medical conditions. 

6. What type of insurance does 4 Seasons Senior Living Take?

We take long-term care insurance, VA benefits, and private pay. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

7. Does the monthly cost change when my loved one's needs increase?

No. We are aging in place and are prepared to help our residents in every way we can. If a drastic medical change occurs with a resident, 4 Seasons Senior Living may need to re-evaluate the resident and discuss cost with the family.

8. What are the visiting hours?

You are free to come to visit your loved one as often as you are able. We kindly ask that you call the home ahead of time to let the caregivers know.

Visiting hours may be affected due to COVID (visit COVID update page)

9. Does 4 Seasons Senior Living have a volunteer program?

Yes, we do! There are many volunteer opportunities that we would love for anyone to be a part of. 

Some events and activities include:

Help host birthday parties | Teach or assist with arts & crafts | Help residents open mail | Visit and converse with residents | Help with decorating, serving, or cleaning up after an activity/event | Bring your pet for a playdate with residents | we are open to other ideas


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