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Nursing Home Considerations for Seniors

As you age, you want to retain as much of your independence as possible, but a medical or health condition may require you to seek a bit of help. If you or a loved one must consider living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it's essential to find one that meets your needs and requirements. Consider the following factors to enjoy your golden years and freedom while getting the professional assistance you deserve, brought to you by 4 Seasons Senior Living.


One of the most essential considerations is cost. If you have your own funds, you may have more options than someone relying on only Medicaid. Besides personal savings and federal and state programs, other ways to afford assisted living include veterans benefits, home equity life insurance benefits, and long-term care insurance.

It may also be a good idea to sell your or a loved one's home to cover the cost of care. Look into the local housing marketfor an idea of how much you may make from a sale. For example, homes in Lewisville sold for a median of $364,000 in January 2022, up by more than 32 percent year over year. To increase the sale price, invest in some upgrades to the kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. The home's exterior is also important, and it should give a good first impression to potential buyers.

Specialty Care

Talk with your doctor or your aging loved one's physician to learn whether to consider facilities with specialty care. Some residents require incontinence care or memory care, and Alzheimer's or similar conditions necessitate extra consideration from a nursing home or assisted living staff. Additionally, find out if the facility separates the specialty care unit away from other areas of the grounds.


As noted by Colavria Hospitality, the nursing home or facility's locationplays a major part in overall satisfaction. You or your aging loved one may want to stay close to family and friends in the area. FindLaw explains that another reason to pay close attention to geographic location is that local laws dictate how facilities operate. Cross-reference a facility's or home's laws and the special care required.


During tours ask questions and pay close attention to the resident's physical and emotional well-being. Do residents look alert and happy? Are they engaged in activities? Do they look well-groomed? Ask how the facility keeps residents engaged, such as through movie nights, physical activities, musical events, social events, and educational classes.

Also, ask about special spaces for residents, such as a library with large print and audiobooks and a garden or another outdoor space, and a store where residents can buy personal grooming items.

Rooms and Furnishings

Inquire about whether residents share bedrooms or bathrooms. If so, how does the facility select roommates? If roommates make for a bad fit, can they switch to someone else? Also, find out whether the facility provides furnished rooms or if residents must supply their own furniture.

Resident Care Plans

If a nursing home offers resident care plans, how often do they change and review plans? Find out how the administrative staff handles issues and complications. For facilities that provide an in-house licensed physician, ask about the level of care the medical professional provides, such as prescribing medication, therapy, and diet.


Residents may take their meals in their room, or the nursing home or assisted living facility may have a communal dining room where residents eat together. Communal dining rooms may have assigned tables, and it may take time for patients who cannot leave their beds to receive their meals, so ask about both scenarios. Make a point to sample the food yourself.

Take your time when choosing a facility for yourself or an aging loved one. Your decision affects your quality of life more than you may realize.

4 Seasons Senior Living is a Dallas-area residential senior care home providing personalized care to the elderly who require round-the-clock attention. For additional information, call 972-584-9880 today!


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