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Types of Senior Care-Residential Care Homes

Common Types of Senior Care: Residential Care Home


Long-Term Care for Seniors

Long-term care is a collection of services designed to provide all the necessary health and personal care needs for seniors. The duration of care can be as short or as long as needed. When seniors start to have a difficult time performing activities of daily living on their own, long-term care might be an option to consider. These services are offered to help seniors maintain as much independence as possible while in a safe environment. You could say that Long-term care acts as a safety net for seniors depending on the level of care they need.

Long-Term Care Services

Personal care is the most common service, followed by feeding assistance and homemaking services. At 4 Seasons senior living these services are included in the monthly rate (feeding assistance may be extra - call 972 -584-9880 to check with our admissions coordinator for rates). If a residential care home isn’t the right setting for your loved one, other options for receiving long-term care include in-home care, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility.

If your loved one has serious, ongoing health condition(s) or disability, consider long-term care. This can be a gradual transition to starting long-term care as seniors start to age or if the illness progresses. In some instances, it can be sudden if a loved one has experienced a heart attack or stroke.

Deciding if Long-Term Care is Right For You

Seniors who have a difficult time with Activities of Daily Living or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are candidates for receiving long-term care services. Other factors for needing long-term care include:

  • Age - Aging can affect seniors' ability to perform daily tasks, impair memory, or become a fall risk.

  • Gender - Studies show that women live longer than men and may need someone to look after them for health and safety reasons.

  • Health / Disability - Sometimes a family member taking on the caregiver role can become too much. Seeking long-term care services can help to relieve some of the workload and provide the necessary care for a short or long period of time.

  • Living Situation - Living alone can be unsafe. Seeking long-term care can help reduce the risk of an accident happening or an unplanned hospital visit.

Personal Care

Personal care is among the most pivotal duties when caring for seniors to help them remain healthy and happy, feel loved and at home. Personal care refers to caregivers providing assistance with services to support seniors when performing daily activities.

Personal Care Services

Personal care includes assistance with routine actions such as personal hygiene (bathing/showering, washing your hair, shaving, nail care, skincare) oral hygiene (brushing your teeth, flossing, and mouthwash), and toileting (incontinence/continence care).

Our caregivers at 4 Seasons Senior Living are trained and instructed to provide the necessary personal care duties for your loved one.

4 Seasons Senior Living Personal Care Services include:

  • Getting dressed

  • Toileting

  • Bathing

  • Grooming

  • Oral hygiene

  • Foot care

  • Mobility

  • Exercising

Deciding if Personal Care is Right For You

At 4 Seasons Senior Living personal and compassionate care is included in the monthly rate. This monthly rate stays the same on weekends, nights, and holidays. We want to make sure your loved one gets the care he/she needs.

To learn more about rates call us at 972 - 584 - 9880 or complete our form to get a quote. Our admissions coordinator will contact you asap.

Compassion Care

Care homes offer an environment for seniors to be as social or independent as they wish. Your not just hiring a caregiver to care for your loved one when placing them in a care home, your also hiring a companion. Depending on the care level of your loved one, it can be a lot to handle for a family member to take on the caregiver role. Placing your loved one in a care home can help relieve you of the caregiver role, and offer comfort knowing your loved one is in good hands and has company 24/7.

In 2020 it was recorded roughly 27% (14.7 million) of all older adults lived alone in the US. Many seniors who live alone or are alone for short or long periods can begin to feel lonely. Loneliness can lead to seniors feeling depressed or even isolated. This can result in poor physical and mental health in seniors. That’s quite the domino effect.

Compassion Care Services:

At 4 Seasons Senior Living, compassion care is more than just providing a service or supervision. Our goal is for our caregivers to build a lasting relationship with our residents and be considered a friend or family.

4 Seasons Senior Living Compassion Care Services include:

  • Reading books

  • Doing art crafts

  • Playing games

  • Going for walks

  • Sitting outside

  • Doing puzzles

  • Watching tv

  • Playing bingo

  • Birthday parties

  • Holiday celebrations

Deciding if Compassion Care is Right For You

Seniors who spend large portions of the day alone or require more care may consider placement in a care home offering compassionate care.

Memory Care

Memory care is specialized care for seniors. Also called, Alzheimer's care provides care to seniors who have Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Memory care facilities offer a unique care plan tailored to create a safe environment and improve quality of life. Memory care plans focus on; reducing confusion, preventing wandering, providing comfort, and peace.

Memory care facilities differ from other types of senior care by offering 24-hour care, specialized caregivers, therapies, and more. Dementia is progressive, overtime symptoms worsen. This can make it difficult for seniors to live independently or for a family member to take on the caregiver role.

In the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, seniors may be able to live on their own or seek in-home support. A family member can take on the caregiver role or hire an in-home caregiver for short periods throughout the day or 24/7.

In the advanced stages of dementia, 24-hour supervision can become imperative, especially if they are at risk of wandering or falling. Also, in later stages, seniors can have a difficult time performing tasks, activities of daily living. There may come a point, where a difficult decision has to be made for placement in a memory care facility if a loved requires more care and support.

Memory Care Services:

At 4 Seasons Senior Living, our residential care homes provide a safe environment with professionally trained caretakers and provide various services. Our caretakers are trained to focus on improving quality of life, reducing confusion, and preventing wandering. 4 Seasons Senior Living also created memory care plans specifically for each resident.

4 Seasons Senior Living Memory Care Services include:

  • 24-hour supervision

  • Medication management

  • Incontinence care

  • ADLs

  • Homemaking/Housekeeping

  • Feeding assistance

  • Mobility assistance

  • Memory-Enhancing activities

Deciding if Memory Care is Right For You

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia, it might be time to talk about memory care. Making the transition before symptoms get worse can reduce the risk of injury and allow your loved one to adjust to a different living environment. A family member taking on the caregiver role at home can be a lot. It can lead to stress, caregiver burnout, and put a strain on the relationship. Memory care communities can give your loved ones the care and environment they need.

Hospice Care

Hospice care sometimes referred to as end-of-life care, can be provided at home, at a nursing home, or an assisted living facility. Hospice is a special kind of care focusing on the quality of life for seniors. This type of care provides compassionate care to seniors with any kind of incurable disease so that they can live as comfortably as they can during the last phases of the disease.

Hospice care offers a safe and secure place for seniors where caregivers can provide personal and compassionate care in addition to pain management and controlling symptoms. Senior's quality of life is the primary focus for caregivers. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, hospice may be something to consider. It is common for seniors to be placed on hospice when a person has less than six months to live. There is no time frame or the right time but hospice care is more beneficial in the earlier stages rather than waiting till the last minute.

Family members should be aware that hospice care is not a treatment solution for seniors but to provide comfort. Once a loved one is placed on hospice, they are no longer eligible to receive any medical treatments or cures to help them recover from their illness or condition.

Hospice care from a family perspective can be viewed as not only an option for seniors but families as well. Caregivers are trained to help family members cope with the emotional aspects when caring for a loved one with a terminally ill disease. The grieving process can be rough for families, caregivers can be seen as an outside support system.

Hospice care can vary slightly depending on if you choose in-home care or assisted living like a residential care home. When it comes time to decide to place your loved one on hospice and find the right place, ask lots of questions. Ask questions not only about the level of care, type of care, and services but about the company and caregivers. For ideas on questions to ask check out this link.

Hospice Care Services

At 4 Seasons Senior Living, hospice care is more than just providing a service or supervision. Our caregivers are trained to provide a place that feels like home and improves the quality of life.

4 Seasons Senior Living Hospice Care includes:

  • Personal Care

  • Compassionate Care

  • Homemaking

  • Medication Management

  • ADLs

  • Incontinence Care

  • 24/7 Supervision

  • Feeding Assistance (Meal Prep & Planning)

Deciding if Hospice Care is Right For You

It’s never easy placing a loved one on hospice care and no one wants to place a loved one on hospice care too early either. Some signs to look for when deciding if it is the right time include multiple trips to the ER or hospital, reoccurring infections, reduced appetite, and weight loss, a decline in overall health, uncontrolled pain, nausea, vomiting, or shortness of breath.

4 Seasons Senior Living caregivers are focused on meeting the needs of your loved ones and ensuring they are comfortable and able to pass with dignity.

Respite Care

A respite stay (respite care) is also known as temporary or short-term care. Respite care can be provided at home, a nursing home, or at a residential care home (group home).

Respite care for seniors is an option that provides support for family caregivers. This allows family caregivers to unwind without worrying or stressing about their loved ones. Being a family caregiver 24/7 can become tiring and stressful and sometimes you need a break. Taking a break can be for a few days, weeks, or months. It is however long you choose so that you can prevent caregiver burnout and know that your loved one is being taken care of.

Respite Care Services

4 Seasons Senior Living Respite Care includes:

  • Personal Care

  • Compassionate Care

  • Homemaking/Housekeeping

  • Medication Management

  • ADLs

  • Incontinence Care

  • 24/7 Supervision

  • Feeding Assistance (Meal Prep & Planning)

Deciding if Respite Care is Right For You

Respite care is a good solution to provide the care you need during the recovery process. Another way families utilize respite care, is if they are going out of town or simply need time off from the caregiving duties and don't want to compromise the quality of care their loved one receives.

4 Seasons Senior Living is happy to take care of your loved one for however long you need. We want to give families peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be loved and cared for as long as they are with us.

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